We are running as usual..

First and for most, I would just like to say, I hope everyone is doing well...we are in this together and we will come out of it better and stronger :)


With everything currently going on in the world right now, we here at Deluxe are trying to run our business as smooth as possible. This being said, it has obviously taken some effect on things like delivery, stock and other aspects.


We are still posting and running the same with deliveries, but we have had to cut down the amount we go to the post office. Usually we would be going to the post office everyday, now we will be making our trips around 3 times a week only! Please bare this is mind! Also deliveries are only tracked by weekdays, this does not include weekends!


Now most of our pieces are on pre-order, so this means you will not get the item straight away. please bare in mind majority of our stuff is bought across the world, this being said because of the virus having an effect worldwide...some factories are also effected by this!

we are trying to get the most stock we can... there are delays with certain chains more than others. Please take into consideration this is not our fault, our suppliers are trying their very best!  Also you may see that some are items are out of stock, this is simply because the shops we do go to are shut. Hopefully we can run smoothly and better once this is all over!

Please be patient with the world and us right now! stay safe! Thank you

If you have an enquiries or have been affected by what's happening right now, do not hesitate to email us - deluxechokers111@outlook.com <3