Refunds & Exchanges

Refund term & conditions

Please note, we only ACCEPT returns if the items are damaged or faulty!

If you do return you are only eligible for a 65% return off the order :) please bare that in mind! thanks


Please bare in mind, we are only a small business and it is not easy for us to accept returns so easily. Due to our pieces being handmade by order, we unfortunately can not offer returns! I do apologies for this :)

We are UNABLE to offer refunds due to these reasons:

- Not what you expected

- The colour is different

- Don't like the product

- The quality is not what you expected

Thank You :)

EXCHANGES terms and & conditions

Please note, we do ACCEPT exchanges! (this doesn't apply to custom pieces)

If you do want to exchange, it has to be within the same price bracket of what you already have.

 Thank You :)